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Dear Drs,Im female 30 yrs old, i had a blood test 2 days ago,it shows that the eosinophils,is above the normal range 9.1%.Likewise,1st hr.Sedimentation rate is 30 mm &2nd hr.sedimentation rate is 56mm
May 13, 2013

Dr. Karim Farah Pulmonology
the most important is not the percentage but the absolute number of eosinophilia which is equal to the number of white blood cells x the percentage (9.1 in your case). if the number is > 500 then it is mild eosinophilia, if it is >1000 it is moderate and more than 1500 its severe.
there are several causes of blood eosinophilia,
2- allergic disease (dermatitis, rhinitis...)
3- stool parasite
4-fungal infections
5-hypereosinophilic syndrome, which involve at least two organs with eosinophils (lungs, nervous system, heart,.....)
6-bone marrow problem (lymphoma....)
7- and finally drug allergies.
so your physician should screen for the presence of any.

as for the sedimentation rate, in female it is usually equal to half the age+10 so for you it should be 25. and it is a non specific test which is also slightly prolonged if someone has an anemia, fever, viral infection. for more serious disease such as bacterial infection its higher than that, or rheumatological disease which is very high.