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My son is 2 years old does not speak yet,sometimes acting nervously,that he is afraid or upset of loud noises and commotion,can I know what the cause of these symptoms,how should i behave with him?10x
Apr 25, 2013

Dr. Judy Matta Pediatrics
Your son by 2 years of age should be able to say several 2 to 3 word sentences and be able to say 50 to 100 words.Delays in language are the most common types of developmental delay.

Simple speech delays are sometimes temporary and may resolve on their own or with a little extra help from family( encourage your child to "talk" to you with gestures or sounds).However, sometimes delays may be a warning sign of a more serious problems that could include hearing loss, developmental delay in other areas, or even an autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

If your child's development seems delayed or shows any of the behaviors in the following list, tell your pediatrician:

-Doesn't return a smile back to you

-Doesn't seem to notice if you are in the room
--Acts as if he or she is in his or her own world
-Prefers to play alone
-Doesn't seem interested in or play with toys but likes to play with objects in the house
Dr. Ivana Dabaj Pediatric Neurology
I highly agree with Dr Matta. The behavior of your kid is because he is not able to speak yet therefore he gets nervous because he cannot express himself so he gets upset, irritable and can knock his head...
Check first if he doesn't say any world or if he says less than 10 worlds, if he has good eye contact and follow you with his eyes when you look at him, if he plays with other kids not only in parallel to them.. Check also if in the family there is speech delay. The most common thing is simple speech delay but if he has any of the warning signs check with your pediatrician.
NB: Just to reassure you that it is too early to diagnose autism at this age and he is still young. Start by checking how many words he talks, check the hearing to start with.