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32 years
How much segurex effect lasts ? And how does it affect blood pressure
Nov 8, 2016

Dr. Nehme Raad Urology
The half-life of Sildenafil is 3 to 5 hours.This means that it lasts for about maximum 24 hours.
Sildenafil does not affect blood pressure (= it cannot be given as a treatment for hypertension).
But if given with some other drugs, it could lead to a drop in the blood pressure. For this reason, it is NOT to be given with nitrates (usually given for heart problems as a patch or a pill beneath the tongue).
We must be also cautious when giving them with some other drugs (like some types of treatment alpha blockers = treatment for the prostate obstruction symptoms).
In the other hand, the hot flushes you can be experiencing are not at all a sign of increase in blood pressure. They are normal side effects of the drug.