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41 years
How can laser burns be treated?
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Unfortunately, burns can be part of the risk of laser hair removal. It is very important that you and the Dr. that performs the laser, or if you have done it at an aesthetician's, then consult a dermatologist. Burns have different degrees and depending on the degree of the burn and the damage caused in the skin and what layers in the skin are affected, and the location of the burns, the treatment plan will be taken. Discuss all your history to determine your "fitzpatrick scale" skin type so your settings are correct.

Burns can be due to the equipment used or the one undergoing the laser especially if not experienced, or If you have even a slight suntan or sunburn prior to treatment, these greatly increases your chances of getting burned.

You can do the following :
It is important that you apply aquaphor or a prescription called biafine on the burns so they heal properly. Aquaphor is available over the counter, but your doctor may give you a stronger prescription-based cream to use. Aquaphor contains petrolatum and can be applied as needed while your burns heal.
Keep the burns moistened and soothed with aloe vera gel. Aloe vera is available over the counter at any pharmacy. Slather a generous amount of the gel on the burns as needed during the healing process. Mebo may also heal burns.
You can apply an ice bag with 10- to 15-minute intervals. Taking a cool bath can help heal larger areas of the skin that have been burned by laser exposure.
Avoid sun exposure. You should keep the burned area covered with clothing or wraps if you need to go outside and apply a strong sun protection 30 spf
if the burns are superficial with no blisters, just a red rash you, can apply a hydrocortisone cream layer, it heals the inflammation and burns.
If the burns are complicated with inflammed appearance, they may also become more serious burns, you should check with a doctor. The burns may become infected too and be aware to the hygiene to protect it; it may need antibiotics. In such case, the doctor will examine the degree of burns and recommend a specific course of treatment.