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How dangerous is tachycardia on a baby and how can it be treated?
Jan 7, 2013

Dr. Dania Khalaf Pediatrics
There are many causes for tachycardia on a baby ,it ranges from mild cause wz no treatement to very severe one with urgent treatement ,but it s an urgent issue and u must consult ur pediatrician to evaluate the situation ....
Dr. Rayan Damaj Pediatrics
Tachycardia is defined differently in babies heart rate 180 can be normal for age. Alot of factors can contribute to tachycardia not just cardiac,such as fever pain, anxiety, medications, anemia
Then of course the is cardiac problems such as svt, vetricular tachycardia
Problem with tachycardia in babies is that is hard to detect unless patient is on monitor most signs will be not specific such as not eating irritable
Treatment depends on underlying cause
Dr. Dina Helou Pediatrics
Tachycardia is an abnormal rapidity of heart action, and is usually defined in a baby by a heart rate more than 180 beats per minute (bpm).
It can be:
1.physiologic (meaning normal) response of the heart to some situations
( like fever, anemia, infection, certain drugs or medication....)
2. due to a dysrythmia ( abnormality of the cardiac rythm )
In all cases tachycardia may be dangerous depending on its cause, a pediatrician and in some situations a pediatric cardiologist must be consulted to decide of follow up and treatment when needed.