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25 years
Yesterday i hurt my right eye with my nail i went to the optician today and he said that it didn't healed so i'm taking anesthetics drops every 2 hours or less is it bad for the eye these drops?
Aug 5, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
your cornea might be scratched by your nail , it can cause significant pain and discomfort.A corneal abrasion is a scratch on the eye's cornea,a minor scratch should heal on its own in one to three days,
Local anesthetics drops are used in the initial assessment of minor eye trauma,work by blocking initiation and propagation of neuronal action potentials you can take it that often but not for too long
they are contraindicated in hypertensive patients to the ingredient of these drops
remember :
-Do not wear contacts until your eye has completely healed and your eye doctor says it is safe to do so.
-Wear sunglasses to help ease pain caused by the glare of the sun.
-Do not rub your eye.