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24 years
Ok so can i have a name of some of these capsules please ? And can i have them from pharmacies ?
Aug 18, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Sorry we are not allowed to give the names of any herbal nor medical medicines via internet ,this might be an advertisement for the product which is unlegal ,other cause is that we don't know your medical condition accurately since many herbs or medicines have side effects and may contribute or affect a petient depending on his medical profile .
However these products and herb plants are found almost in any herbal weight loss capsules and could be found in the paharmacist .
check with a doctor if you had any medical problem first ,they may affect a person blood sugar ,blood presure ,minerals and viatmins but considered safe
if you decide to take any and after you take you felt any problem and symptom related to the beginning of taking them then simply stop it .
to acheive better weight loss plan strict on a healthy diet and exercise and you can consult a dietician if you have problem to lose weight .