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24 years
In order for what I had read I suffer form Hydroceele(some jelly liquid btw my testicles),these days I am feeling painfully but their is no tumor. what are the effects how can it be solved
Jan 6, 2014

Dr. Nehme Raad Urology
Hydrocele is accumulation of fluid between the testis and its tunica.
Usually hydrocele is not painful. What could be painful is the cause of hydrocele (infection, torsion ...).
So if you are in pain, it is very important to seek medical advise to have the proper diagnosis and treatment.
Otherwise, if you have a chronic hydrocele, you must have a scrotal ultrasound.
If the test is normal, the treatment depends on how much you are bothered from the size of your hydrocele.
Hydrocele is not harmful for the testicles and must not be treated unless you cannot tolerate its presence.
The treatment of a chronic hydrocele is surgery.