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Im 16 wk of pregnancy i still have bad morningsickness and i take zofran for that but when i stop it for 1 day i start vomit everything even water did my body get addicted to it?Is it safe 4 the baby?
Apr 18, 2013

Dr. Mona Sabra Obstetrics & Gynecology
Dear patient,
Morning sickness is experienced by 50 to 90% of pregnant women.
It subsides usually by 20 weeks, but may remain until delivery in 20% of cases.
It is known to be more frequent and more severe in twin pregnancies.
Blood tests to look for anomalies of the throid and parathyroid glands should be done (TSH and calcemia).
Zofran can be taken in pregnancy with no known risk for the baby, according to the scientific studies.
It does not cause dependance or addiction.
It will not cure morning sickness for good, but it is effective when you take, as you noticed.

In singleton pregnancies, it can remain more than 3 months, sometimes till the end of the pregnancy.
Morning sickness can