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40 years
I was diagnosed with microadenoma 5 yrs ago and decided to leave it untreated. the tumor shrunk to 3mm and my levels went from 4000 to 1960. Is cardiovascular disease a risk if i don't treat it?
Nov 19, 2013

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Any risk of the tumor depends on the tumor location and what hormone is being affected and if the adenoma is functioning producing hormones or non functioning,usually adenoma producing thyroxin will cause palpitations
if you feel any serious symptom especially newly symptoms you can talk with your doctor
you can also stop other risk factors that can affect both cardiovascular and the adenoma itself like smoking and high hypertension and cholesterol ,regulation of hormones all over the body will be good .
but don't worry if you are taking your medications having regular follow ups ,the doctor will tell if there is any risk factor .