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25 years
I have low Ferritine (4.4 ng/ml) & low vitamin D (25.3 nmol/l). Can I solve this problem with a specific diet without having to take any medication?
Aug 19, 2015

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
It would be very difficult to correct the deficiencies in iron and vitamin based solely on dietary intake; especially with vitamin D, the dietary sources of which are very few, and sitting in the sun for long periods of time is not without its harms either. So you will need to take supplementary iron and vitamin D pills for about 3 months in order to allow for your ferritin and vitamin D levels to increase to normal.

Good food sources of vitamin D include:

  • butter
  • oily or fatty fish – such as salmon, sardines and mackerel
  • eggs
  • fortified breakfast cereals
  • some powdered milks
As for good sources of dietary iron, please follow this link for more detailed information:</div>