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I get sudden dizziness, my blood test showed no problems, my ferritine level is good, i've done a stool test and it's also normal,and i checked my ears and eyes all is ok !!
Mar 7, 2013

Dr. Jinan Usta Family Medicine
Dizziness is a very non specific symptom It can result from many conditions, including side effects of some medicines..since most of the tests you have done are ok, and I assume you have checked yourself at the doctor and was told your BP is ok and your exam is fine, then what remains is a matter of tiredness or lack of good quality sleep or stress.. Try to take some time off and relax
Dr. Khaled Bou Hamad Family Medicine
it is a rotatory peripheral benign is not very important and not necessary to have a organic disorder
Dr. Raffi Jil-Hagopian Otolaryngology (ENT)
If your dizziness is related to your body's position, for ex. when lying on your side makes the earth move around, then it's most probably inner ear problem, a condition we call BPPV( bening paroxistic positional vertigo). The ENT specialist can make your head move through a series of positions to cure this type of vertigo.
If the dizziness is not positional, then your doctor might ask for further investigations, lab tests, imaging(CT scan/MRI), Audiometry, as diagnostic work up.
Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
If your dizziness occur as a head rush for a short period of times and is accompanied during a change in position such as when you sit or when you stand or when you get up from bed morning ,or any sudden change in position then the case might be a postural hypertention or orthostatic hypertention presented as dizziness for a short period when changing position and may have other symptoms such as headache or the pressure you felt too .

The symptom is caused by blood pooling in the lower extremities upon a change in body position. It is quite common and can occur briefly in anyone .well there are several conditions that might contribute to it such as :
hypovolimia (decrease in blood volume ) and dehydration
diseases such as diabetes
medications such as anti depressants
Vitamin B12 deficiency
try when you change position to get up slowly from a position to the other to minimize its prevalence

>another possible cause if the headache is throbbing is Migraine it can be associated with dizziness in some patients and you may feel somehow nausea

>ear problems if there is other associated ear symptoms may also contribute to this,if you had tinnitus(ringing in ears) in any or both ears or dizziness is like an attack of rotational vertigo that can be severe, incapacitating, unpredictable, and last anywhere from minutes to hours,beside fullness in either or both ears and some how decrease in hearing then this will be a disorder of the inner ear that can affect hearing and balance to a varying degree called MENIERE's disease

>if the dizziness is recently felt you may have an infection that is affecting your balance and show in this manner due to dehydration

>if you are a kind of women who don't drink that much fluids or have poor diet these symptoms might be seen too due to dehydration and lack of minerals and carbohydrates

>stress not having enough sleep might be a cause in the absence of other symptoms .