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19 years
I always feel headache i made blood test its 35 .. i also made an image for my neck and head ..the results were clean..but sometimes i loose my body balence but no cases of fainting..please need help
Apr 29, 2014

Dr. Salim Saab Otolaryngology (ENT)
youdidnt mention the place of the headahe its duration afullexamination is tobe done book an appointment
Dr. John Gebrane Psychiatry
hello, after all medical causes are ruled out one needs to consider BPV and a psychiatric cause such as anxiety
Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
ok then you had made blood tests and head ,neck images all are normal,then we can exclude the usual serious causes of headaches .
since the headache is almost all of the time then it is said to be chronic.
before stating factors that are associated by frequent headaches ,just few questions might explain your headache more ,is the headache in one side or all over or behind?is the headache tapping or tight ?is the headache accompanied by nausea or vomiting ?you stated it is accompanied with faint ,try to remember if it is related to sometimes in the day more than other time ,does it comes more when you have no good sleep or you sleep too much,do you feel certain lights in front of your eyes sparking ,when you have your headache do you feel you don't want noise or smoke or anything else ...
all these questions to figure out probable migraine especially if it goes in your family.
Various factors are associated with developing frequent headaches, including:
-Sleep disturbances
-Overuse of caffeine
-Overuse of pain medication
-Regular use of physical postures that put a strain on your head or neck