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21 years
How to stop masterbation?
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
>The first step in getting over an addicting behavior is to stop feeling guilty for indulging. If you are dwelling on your bad behavior, it only makes it more tempting to continue.
>Remove anything that increases your temptation to participate in masturbation.
>Fill up your social schedule.
>Join in activities and find new ones.
>Alter your diet - Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can make you feel more alert and give you the energy you need to take part in other activities. .
>remember you are not going to be able to stop masturbating overnight. It is perfectly understandable if you have a relapse or struggle with letting go of your habit.
>do lots of workout and put your energy in exercises so that you will have no energy and get tired to sleep ,sleep early work hard fill your time this is the key
>Find someone trustworthy. Sometimes you might need help to completely stop masturbating. Find someone you can trust such as a religious leader or counselor so you can talk through your urges and find a set of tools that can help you stop.