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28 years
How to regulate sleep time for my 3 yrs old baby...this will be her first year knowing that i try to dont let her sleep in day but even so she keeps.awake till.11 p.m nd sometimes morel
Jul 31, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
The total time your daughter need to sleep in her age is about 12 hours in range including (night + day nap) ,some sleep more some less ,depending on the child himself,at this age some babies need to nap one time a day ,but the nap will be shorter than before in younger babies .
well if you don't nap your baby ,your baby must sleep around 12 hours night ,if you nap for 1 hour then the need will be around 11 hours .
if your baby is sleeping at 11 pm and more she will be awake the other day at 10 or 11 am and then she will not sleep early .
she must wake up early, if you are training her to be awake at school time which is around 7 ,then wake her up morning even if she is still asleep at 7 am ,during the day keep her active playing jumping running ,schedule her day meals in the same time 3 meals plus 2 snacks the last meal make it before 30 min sleep and limit the fluid intake at night (including juices, water ,..)no tea or chips or chocolate or anything at night these will make her more active and not sleepy ,and may interrupt her sleep to go for the bathroom .
put her in a calm dark room no interfering voices ,at first you can try to sleep beside her with the light off and you can tell her a story till she is asleep ,if she wakes early morning it will not be hard for her to sleep early ,if she is too tired at day she can nap half hour and you wake her .
Like this and when the school comes she will be trained to sleep early ,and don't worry if she gonna go to school and wake up early routinely she you will find her sleepy at night .
if she is still want refuse to sleep early ,the first day she can the second day maybe but the third day she can't handle it waking early and sleeping late ,she will loose at the end don;t worry just follow the tips mentioned you will find it easy .