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20 years
How risky is to have asthma and do liposuction?
Jun 3, 2013

Dr. Michel Moutran Plastic Surgery
Asthma is a medical condition that has to be looked at when undergoing any surgery. to undergo liposuction safely, your asthma has to be welle controlled with no major recent crisis. If it is planned under general anesthesia, it has to be well documented and coordinated with your anesthesiologist to take all the proper measures to have your asthma under control.
If done under local anesthesia, or epidural, your surgeon and anesthesiologist must be aware of your disease, some preventive measures can be offered to you.
Liposuction in itself does not interfere directly with asthma. It is the medical stress during any surgery that might trigger a crisis.
Liposuction is a surgery that gives amazing results if done in secured medical settings with board certfifed plastic surgeons.