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21 years
How i can remove rhe lazy in my body ??
May 4, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
if there are any other symptoms other than laziness or tiredness then try to check for other symptoms linked to that through a doctor visit to order some tests.if there is no medical condition such as obesity ,thyroid problem ,or any other medical condition then change your routine and boost your energy through:
-decrease your weigh if overweight\-good balanced diet rich in fruits vegetables,protiens with some portions of carbo and fat in balanced way
-sleep well deep sleep can lead to active day
-stop smoking if you smoke ,alcohol and minimise caffeine intake
- exercise that may burst your energy through time and make you more active
-don't miss a breakfast eat your meals on intervals
-drink plenty of water to stay hydrated,many people ignore this very important point and forget about drinking
-you can take some complex vitamins that can nourish your body boost your energy