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33 years
How can a man get a woman orgasm fast?
Aug 3, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax.This is the part of them that would have turned into a penis, had they developed as males – and it's just as important to women as the penis is to a man.
There's also the G-spot (located in the anterior wall of the first third of the vaginal canal )Some women experience a particularly intense orgasm when that part of their anatomy is stimulated during intercourse and can lead to vaginal orgasm and some women may ejaculate (water mainly)
So, there may be a case for saying that there's a G-spot orgasm – as well as possibly a vaginal one and one that originates in the clitoris.
the more intensity of orgasm is in the clitoris stimulation and if both stimulated at the same time the orgasm will be faster ,meaning that stimulating the clitoris with fingers during the intercourse penetration that stimulate the g spot ,usually felt more if the women face to face up position
if the man has good control of his own orgasm and if he's skilled at using his fingers during intercourse – to bring the woman to a climax just at the same moment as he comes.
Or indeed, if she chooses to use her own fingers to stimulate herself, so that they climax together.
another important factor for women is the foreplay in the beginning ,a man must prepare by stimulating her senses first so that the blood will flow in her organs and then she can reach climax faster
love, romance, cuddling and a good atmosphere turn women on in the early stages of a sex session also stimulating her nipples breasts,Give her oral sex,...
there must be also communication between them during the pre -intercourse stage and when she feels that she is ready the other step will be faster
changing positions and what is better for her one time after another the best position will be known a man can encourage her to take the initiative and to decide the agenda.
If a man loses control and come before her, he can try to summon some energy to kiss and stimulate her, so that she can climax too.
words can do a better job like if man tell her that she's marvelous, sexy and beautiful.