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46 years
High blood pressure: i take two pills of norvasc 5m, and my blood pressure still 167/111 some time go for 170/118 i talk to my Dr. he say that i have problem of not enough air to my body is that ok
May 30, 2013

Dr. Karim Farah Pulmonology
uncontrolled hypertension is a treatable disease with different classes of antihypertensive. you might need a different type of medication other than the calcium-channel blocker (norvasc).
however we need first to make sure that the measurement of your blood pressure is adequate. make sure that the blood pressure is measured by a professional person( nurse, pharmacist, doctor...). and when meausring your blood pressure you must be at rest, not in pain, not stressed, didnt eat for at least an hour before, not angry or pissed at smthg or smoneone, not exercising not doing any effort before. you should rest for 30 min with no annoying stimulus and then take your blood pressure.
if its still high then you need to see you specialist either nephrologist or cardiologist. measure your blood pressure twice daily before going to see your doctor.
as for "not enough air to your body"... i didnt understand that term very well, unless you have asthma or lung problem but i dont think its related to your blood pressure