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30 years
Hi, I'm seeing blood in urine after being aroused and having an erection, (without having any intercourse.) There is also some red dark pieces coming out. What could be causing this? Thank you
Sep 24, 2013

Dr. Ismaiel Abu Mahfouz Obstetrics & Gynecology
The best action giving the information provided is to see a urologist to invistigation for a possible casue, I suggest sooner rather than later. Regards
Dr. Ernest Hage Urology
the most frequent cause of hematuria at your age is an inflammation of the prostate . but it is very important to see a urologist as soon as possible
Dr. Fadi Dalati Urology
There are many reasons that could lead to hematuria (red blood cells in urine).

1) Certain medications could change the color of urine, or even result in hematuria, such as rifampin and anti-coagulants

2) Urinary stone disease can lead to hematuria

3) Urinary tract infections may present with hematuria

4) Bladder tumors could present with hematuria, specially in smokers

5) Hematuria could be due to kidney parynchemal diseases, in which RBC morphology (shape) would be altered

6) Prostate-related issues: from infection to hypertrophy

I Advise you to refer to your urologist as soon as possible, to do full workup and deterline the cause as well as the proper management