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22 years
Hi I'm a girl. I masturbate almost every day once or twice with a vibrator but with no penetration. I want to know if it's healthy. thx
Aug 11, 2014

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
There is not such thing as a "normal" frequency for masturbation, this varies according to different people. And there's no "normal" cutoff age either.
Masturbation can be done using fingers and vibrators (most commonly); it has many reported benefits like improving sexual confidence, mood enhancement, migraine relief, and lessening menstrual cycle pain.
Two downsides to masturbation:
1- Excessive vibrator use during masturbation could desensitize women to orgasms with a partner. In psychiatry, they fear that it might habituate the autonomic nervous system (the branch of the nervous system that supplies the gut and genitals) to such stimulation, such that being with a human cannot produce the same effect.
2- Masturbation, especially when indulged with a large foreign body like candlestick or vibrator, may lead to hymen rupture (this may not be something you would worry about; it's very personal. Some people attach a great significance to it, especially in our culture, others don't).
It's up to you to weight the pros and the cons, and decide.