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26 years
Hi, I lift weights regularly (6 days/week) and I'm taking whey protein.I was recommended to take BCAA as well, how should I take it with the whey?and when? Pre, intra or post workout? Thank you
Jul 23, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
It is advisable to speak and check with nutritionist or a dietitian before consuming an amino acid or a protein supplement so you can know exactly how much of the supplement you need and how to divide them per day
that depends on your height and weight BMI your workout intensity and duration ,your other protein intake and meal patterns as well your medical condition and medical history .
usually BCAA(branched chain amino acid )and whey proteins both are of protein synthesis ,if it is taken with or after or before each other there is no effect on each other except if the dose is high then they are separated and divided .
as i say check with a dietitian for specific individual reply depending on your specific program and weight-workout plan .