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Hi i did from couple of monthes my ulnar nerve surgery in both elbow and my doc said that i am okay; but i still have pain in both hands. is the surgery failed?
May 31, 2013

Dr. Ivana Dabaj Pediatric Neurology
usually the nerve needs some time to relax from the compression that was before surgery. if you have also weakness in addition to the pain sensation you should check back with your physician for other possible causes other than the compression that was relieved.
Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Complete recovery is widely dependent on the severity of the injury and the patient's health.. Full recovery can take 6 - 18 months for a nerve to heal. During that time you may experience numbness, tingling, fleeting pain, or creepy/crawly it is still too early and your pains are normal.
. Unfortunately, a small percentage of patients never fully recover from ulnar nerve surgery,be patient with the nerve healing.
The following is a list of suggestions that should help speed your recovery and give you every possible chance for the best results from your surgery.
1-Take it easy until seen by the physician. This does not mean bed rest, but athletic activities during this period are definitely not recommended. give your incision a chance to heal. Avoid bending.
2-Wear your sling as prescribed by your surgeon.
3-Lift nothing heavier than a half gallon of milk until seen by your doctor.
4-Every hour, while awake, wiggle the fingers, and gently squeeze a foam cushion or sponge.
5-After you get home, you may begin walking up to one mile per day.
You may walk up or down steps as often as you like. take them smoothly and slowly.
6-No driving until OK with your physician.This applies during the first month after surgery.
7-You may shower after you go home unless otherwise instructed. Cover the incision with plastic wrap before the shower and remove it afterward.
8-Change dressing immediately.Tub baths are not advisable. You may shower without covering the incision one week after the sutures are out.Follow instructions concerning care of tape strips,stitches or staples.
9-If you notice swelling,redness or opening of the incision, or if there is any clear fluid draining from it,contact your surgeon immediately!If you develop a fever, stiff neck or chills, contact the office immediately.Take your temperature at 4:00 PM daily until the clips are removed.
10-Take your medications prescribed on discharge, as directed.