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35 years
Hi drs. i hv pain on my finger near the nail due to bad manicure. its red and swallen a bit. wat can apply to ease the pain? fuscidine ok?
Aug 21, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Paronychia is and Infection of skin surrounding the nail and its cuticle .

The nail plate and the proximal area of nail fold are joined by cuticle, a thin protective layer which makes the exterior groove waterproof. There are several reasons for swollen cuticle. Trauma and infection are the main causes. Infection of cuticle is most common; it results due to bad nail care.

Manicuring can damage the delicate cuticle which may invite infection. The area around the nail becomes inflamed, hot and red. The area becomes tender to touch.

for how long have you suffering from redness and swelling ?

Paronychia can be acute or chronic.

>Acute paronychia is characterized by sudden redness, swelling, warmth and pain surrounding the nail. It develops when the cuticle and the area surrounding the nail bed gets damaged. Bacteria can enter through the damaged area leading to infection.

>Chronic paronychia develops slowly. In the beginning one finger may be affected, but the condition gradually affects cuticle of other fingernails. The nail folds gradually turn red, swollen and tender. When not treated the nail can become deformed and atrophied.


>Habit of nail biting and nail picking can cause damage to nails and its cuticle.
>Traumatic injury to nails and fingers.
>Prolonged exposure to moisture which is frequently seen in domestic servants, washer men, cooks and housewives, can dissolve the thin cuticle leading to infection and swelling.
>Extreme and enthusiastic manicure.
>Due to harmful chemicals present in the nail polish.

The above factors trigger either an acute paronychia or chronic paronychia.

However ,In acute paronychia, staphylococcus bacteria are generally the cause.
AND the cause for chronic paronychia is fungus or yeast infection. Candida fungus is the most common form.

>>>TREATMENT of swollen cuticle depends whether the cause is acute paronychia or chronic paronychia or trauma.

>If there is acute paronychia, the most common cause is due to staphylococcus bacteria. Anti inflammatory medicine such as diclofinac gel or profenid together with antibiotics for this bacteria such as fucidin for few days will effectively heal the condition.

When the cause is chronic with gradual swelling and redness around the nail with deformation and atrophy of nail, the cause is fungus infection. More than one finger is involved in many cases. In such case, doctors usually prescribe anti-fungal medication together with local anti-fungal cream depending on severity

When the cause is traumatic injury to the nail, take precautions to prevent secondary infection by healthy hygienic practices.

So,try to avoid the causes to prevent future problems with your nails .