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21 years
Hi doctors, is royal slim gd for weight loss? What are the advantages and disadvantages? are there any better pills than royal slim? Thanks in advance
Aug 9, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Usually the better choice to lose weight is the natural way ,it has more long term effects on losing weight .
there are many diet pills claiming losing weight in a short period of time ,some may be appetite suppressants,other fat metabolism,others fat un absorbtion ,others fluids malabsorbtions ,and many many mechanisms for every one of them ,and you may lose your extra kilograms in a short period of time but once stopping them especially in the abscence of dieting and exercising the effect will be reversed once the pills are stopped and you may gain them again .easy come easy go

There are no scientific studies on this product ,Royal Slim promises to melt away fat without the addition of exercise, but it is a big claim to make, especially when there is no clinical research to back up this statement. The manufacturer also claims this product has no contraindications, but it is always useful to contact your physician before starting a weight loss program.

many slim products has advantages and disadvantages

Advantages are linked to
-people aiming for many periods of time to lose weight but failed inspite of diet and exercise
-people of high BMI body mass index that is over 28 or 30 as a BMI it may be beneficial to use beside diet ad exercising
-people of medical causes and unable to lose weight or must lose their weight can have benefits of using such pills like in diabetic patients where some may lower blood sugar glucose in the body

Disadvantages or side effects may include :
lack of necessary nutrients in body since such pills will not choose what is good or bad but will take everything infront of it the bad and good
lack of vitamins and minerals
dry mouth
hypotension low blood pressure
hypoglycemia low blood glucose
decrease in concetration and tiredness
memory issues ,
digestion issues ,......

i advise you go to natural lose of weight ,lower your caloric intake ,make a goal for your estimated weight and plan it ,aim to lose not more then 0.5-1 kg per week not more to reduce rebound weight and stretch marks

you can check with a nutritionist to put you a diet plan with respect to your weight medical condition and caloric intake .