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Hi doctors i have triplets premature(33+1)now they have 2years and a of the boys have 11 kg and the girl 10kg i tried hardly to push up their weight but in vain.plz what should i do?
Apr 18, 2013

Dr. Judy Matta Pediatrics
85% of premature babies have catch-up growth and land on the regular growth chart by two years of age. Some babies may experience a delay in “catch up growth” because:
1. Starting out very far below the growth chart with a long way to catch up (very low birth weight )
2. Ongoing problems and illnesses which increase the nutritional requirements (ex: chronic lung problems) and cause a reduction of feeding.
3. Poor appetite: some children need to be reminded to eat. Some children get very active and forget to eat or just like to snack. Here lies the parents role to offer food and put an eating schedule consisting of a well balanced diet.
If your child doesn’t catch up at 2 -3 years of age, he will slowly catch up at his own pace. Studies have shown that catch-up growth can continue into adolescence, and the majority of tiny premature infants should be normal sized adults. The most important is to follow up with your pediatrician and make sure your child has normal development and reach the milestones for his age.