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20 years
Hello what is ( hasbeh il zahreye ) and what are its effects on a pregnant women ?
May 5, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
what you called is Roseola infantum is a common illness in young children in which they generally develop a fever for 3-5 days (worse at night), followed by the appearance of the typical red rash when the fever disappears. The rash may be present on the upper arms, legs, and face, but is most prominent on the neck and trunk. It consists of numerous, red 2-5mm patches that blanch when pressed. The rash typically lasts for 24-48 hours.
Roseola is an extremely common childhood illness. Its course is usually benign. Pregnant women are frequently exposed to the disease, yet it is not at all a common cause of congenital infections
If a mother is infected with roseola virus( HHV-6) for the first time during pregnancy, there is probably a risk to the fetus. During the first trimester, that risk would be the possibility of miscarriage. Later in pregnancy, infection would be more likely to result in birth defects, if there were a problem
"".BUT""more than 95% of women have had the virus before in their lifetime then for that subsequent exposure carries no significant risk niether in first trimester nor later in pregnancy , However, during pregnancy, it is wise to keep your obstetrician informed of any significant exposures