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33 years
Hello, my urine culture shows E Coli 100 000 ML, density 1010, globules blancs 25, globules rouges 8, hemoglobine 2+ what does it mean? should i be worry? i always feel weakness
Dec 5, 2014

Dr. Bassem Tanios Nephrology
your urine culture results suggest a urinary infection, usually this requires treatment with antibiotics, especially if there is any clinical symptom of infection, such as urinary symptoms like pain or burning when urinating, blood in urine, need to go to the bathroom frequently, or other symptoms such as fever or chills. weakness may be sometimes a sign of infection.
In people who have a low immunity, such as people who have established chronic disease or on medications that lower immunity, or in pregnant women, a urinary infection is treated with antibiotics, regardless if there is any symptom or not.
sometimes urine samples may be contaminated due to inappropriate collection or handling, so sometimes may be positive in the absence of infection.
I advise you to contact your doctor as soon as possible with the results of the urine culture to assess the need or not to give an antibiotic treatment.