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24 years
Hello, my hair is falling a lot especially after shower, please help
Jul 22, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
A simple try try to change the shampoo ,some shampoo effect the hair negatively and what work for some one might not work for others , shampoos contain many chemicals that may harm hair .
There are several causes of hair loss such as unbalanced diet ,medical conditions(thyroid problems ,.. ,stress ,anxiety,certain medications,weather,infection ,trauma,..... all these factors when treated ,hair will regrow again .

iF no underlying cause then it might be hereditary ,you can visit a dermatologist ,there are medicine used to treat hair loss .
the key for treating the cause is knowing the cause and treating it ,so hair-loss prevention involves several factors depending on the underlying cause.

if the cause is If a hereditary pattern, you may be able to slow further hair loss by using minoxidil (Rogaine) or finasteride (Propecia). Minoxidil can be used by both men and women, while finasteride usually is used just for men.

Remember hair loss may be caused by certain hair treatments (straightening, coloring), hairstyles (tight braids) or hair pulling. These do not cause hereditary-pattern baldness, but they may contribute to hair loss and should be discontinued.

so check with the dermatologist to know your hair loss ,usually if hereditary cause it will be a gradual hair loss but if the hair loss is sudden there would be underlying cause ,treting cause the hair will regrow again.