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25 years
Hello. I have a sport test after 2 weeks. What foods should i eat in the morning before the test to get the most energy. Shall i have an energy drink? Thank you
Sep 25, 2014

Dr. Nada Awada Family Medicine
start to eat every day high carbohydrate , low fat meals like pasta , potatoes, rice , cornflakes and milk , beans , peas , lentils.You can eat apples , bananas.  Don't eat lots of proteins like meat and cheese.Don't eat sweets especially before the event.Drink extra water the day before, have 2-3 glasses before bed and 1-3 glasses 5-10 minutes before the event. Two days before the event, cut back exercise to rest the body, rest
completely the day before, eat a high carbohydrate breakfast, lunch, and
dinner the day before and drink extra fluids. On the day of event you can have for breakfast cornflakes with milk and a banana and more water.
Drink at regular intervals during the event  ideally every
15 minutes or whenever you have a break.. Do not wait until
you feel thirsty.You can drink an energy drink before or during the event.