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35 years
Hello Dr. what can i do to stop early ejaculation as it is getting to be normally?
May 9, 2017

Dr. Nehme Raad Urology
Primary premature (PE) ejaculation is defined as having an ejaculation before 1 minute of the intercourse despite having constant sexual relations, and no control on ejaculation.
In contrast, the secondary PE as you are describing it is defined as a newly onset of PE after having a previously normal ejaculation time. In this case, we must search for the cause of PE, such as chronic infection of the prostate, thyroid problems, erectile dysfunction...
While treating the PE, it is very important not to have high expectations such as what is seen in movies.
There are many treatments for PE, starting from behavioral changes, to topical creams, to on demand SRRIs treatment, to daily SSRI.
Usually, we go step by step when treating PE. 
In addition, treating the cause is of utmost importance.
I suggest you see your physician to prescribe the appropriate treatment for your condition.