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26 years
Hello, Dr. Please i wanna ask, im 13 weeks pregnant, i suffer from bloating especialy after i eat. My Ob said i coyld *could take motilium, but now i hve mephigastryl can i take one tblet?
Jul 14, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
first of all you must not take mephigastryl (Prochlorperazine maleate) during pregnancy. You should only take this medicine during pregnancy if your doctor thinks that you need it
second motilium and mephigastryl are different not the same composition
so follow your doctor prescription ,if he asks you to take motillium.

These are some tips to avoid flautance when pregnant:

-The most effective way to reduce gas may be to cut back on the foods that are most likely to cause it. But if you eliminated everything that might cause gas, it would be hard to eat a balanced diet.
So start by cutting out the most likely culprits, and if that gives you relief, begin adding those foods back into your diet one by one to try to pinpoint what's causing the problem for you. Keeping a food diary can help you see the relationship between eating certain foods and having more gas.

-Don't eat big meals. Instead, eat several small meals throughout the day.

-Take your time and chew thoroughly. Don't talk while you're eating.

-Limit how much you drink during meals. You can make up for it during the rest of the day.

-Drink from a cup or glass ­– not from a bottle or through a straw – and don't gulp your beverages.

-Avoid carbonated drinks.

-Avoid anything sweetened with sorbitol, an artificial sweetener.

-Sit up while you're eating or drinking, even if you're just having a small snack.

-Wear loose, comfortable clothing, and avoid any tightness around your waist and tummy.

-Don't chew gum or suck on hard candies.

-Get moving. Even a brisk walk can help your sluggish digestive tract.

-Take care of constipation, since it can add to flatulence and a feeling of abdominal bloating.

-Don't smoke. In addition to contributing to a host of serious health problems, smoking boosts stomach acidity