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21 years
Hello doctor's my body is very skinny and I want to gain weight and muscles, I go to gym everyday and I want to take a protein gainer it is healthy for my body?? thanks!
Jul 11, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
If you are too skinny there are certain medical conditions that may cause the problem such as gastrointestinal problems, hormonal problems, such as celiac disease ( intolerance to Gluten) , thyroid problems, parasites, inflammatory bowel disease.....blood tests can confirm this , in addition to that you may be now in the growth phase where your intake is consumed in growing and energy.

Here are tips for gaining weight:

1- Eat and eat often. While everyone should abide by this rule, it is especially true for those who are trying to gain weight. Eating often means eating five to six small meals a day and packing in those nutrients.
This doesn't mean eating junk food and sugars, it means lots of protein and carbs.

2- Eat the right kind of fats. You want a bigger, healthier looking body; not a thin frame with a bit of a paunch. Maximise the avocados, dairy products, nuts (including peanut butter), and meats; stay away from ice cream, fries and fatty junk foods.

3- Go high-protein.
Though it's a myth that protein builds muscle,Protein-rich foods include meat, cheese, milk, fish, and eggs. For vegetarians, protein can be found in soy products such as tofu as well as in combinations of foods, such as rice or corn with beans.
you can take your enough protein needed for bodybuilding through your food better than take it in the form of a milk shake or a powder
To build a pound of muscle, the body needs between 10 and 14 additional grams of protein per day.
That’s not really that much. Some of these powders have 80 grams of protein per serving. You don’t need that. All your body is going to do is break it down for energy. And too much protein can be hard on your kidneys and your liver.
The maximum amount of protein that most adults can use per day is 2 grams per 1kg of body weight.
So if you wants to build muscle mass, and you weigh about 80 kg, the most protein you would need per day is 160 grams. That sounds like a lot, but one 4-ounce hamburger contains 30 grams of protein, 1 can of tuna has 40 grams, and a single ounce of cheddar cheese has 7 grams, i medium chicken breast|(skin not eaten )contains 50 g protien,30 grams of protein from 1 cup of boiled soybeans,other sources of protiens are :fish (salmon,tuna ,halibut), cheese ,nuts,milk yogurt ,eggs,..

4- Layer on the carbs.
Though they get a bad rap, carbs, too, help build muscle and facilitate all of your vital functions, brown rice, pasta, potatoes and whole grains fall into the approved category.

5- Snack at night.

6- Exercise to gain weight, and gain muscles and after workout eat a protein meal to benefit and have bigger muscles.

Well,there are side effects of of excessive intake of proteins shakes,in moderation and for short period of time it will be safe if you can't fulfill the take from your food . Side effects can be diarrhea, osteoporosis, kidney problems, etc.

So I would suggest that you consult a nutritionist ,he will give you the complete plan to increase your weight depending on your age ,weight , and height and medical condition .