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31 years
Hello docs,MCH (TCMH) 25.3(low),Eosinophiles 4(high),CRP quantitative 9 (high),VITAMIN B12 173(low), these are the result of my brother's test he's 28 and has multiple sclerosis, what do they mean?
Jan 31, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
results alone don't mean that much ,the all over results and the purpose of the tests with the patient situation and medical condition all with each other will tell what is normal and not .
a normal finding for a healthy person might differ from a other one with a midical condition .it depends on what drugs and medicine he is taking.
>> usually ,blood may need to be monitored in patients of multiple sclerosis who take medications with liver toxicity side effects, anticonvulsant medications, immunosuppressants, etc.
and to be less panic the findings are not that much low or high they are on the upper or lower limit ,so check with the doctor he want these tests for a purpose of the condition and medical treatment and monitoring.