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24 years
Hello,am suffering from a condition where on my chin and behind my ears the skin turns red from time to time and then a dandruff appears after 2 days. what shall i do?
Jul 18, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
What you describe of symptoms are symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis,this dermatologic presentation present on face in the form of patches of flaky skin,just like the dandruff that affects your head,and in some cases, inflammation and redness occur.
unlike the dandruff of head this type comes on oily skin .
seborroheic dermatitis has no specific cause ,or the cause is unknown but may be due to an overgrowth of a yeast-like fungus called malassezia, normally present on skin.
there are several factors that might affect the condition such as oily skin, stress or fatigue, extreme temperatures (usually cold weather), and simply not shampooing or washing your face enough

If this is the condition it is advised to use anti dandruff shampoo ,it will be effective on your face skin too because it contains the ingredients (tar, zinc pyrithione, selenium sulfide, ketoconazole or salicylic acid--the same ingredients used in dandruff shampoos which are usefull in this case.)
the condition may be treated with topical anti fungal and corticosteroid creams (clotrimazole, an antifungal cream, and 1 percent hydrocortisone, an anti-itch cream, as two topicals)
if the problem is severe contact your doctor or dermatologist ,to prescribe oral medications
Pay attention to the soap you used to wash your face ,don't keep soap on your face .