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34 years
For 5 months she only drank milk but now that she's 6 months old her dr. recommended to introduce food but she doesn't like to eat food & cries always while feeding her. can u help me what to do?
May 22, 2013

Dr. Zakia Dimassi Pediatrics
Solid food introduction is rather big event for your baby: for 6 months she's been easily sucking milk, and now she has to pay extra effort to swallow solid food (even if it's mashed &soft). To make this work better, offer the 1st solids when baby isn't full (if she's not hungry, she won’t be interested) or famished because (she'll get frustrated that she’s not getting as much as she wants fast enough). Instead, give her a little with liquid and then let her have a taste. It may not go so smoothly immediately, don't worry this is very much normal, but don't give up, try again in a couple of days. You should also do the following:
1. Get a high chair or seat so that your baby can sit upright to eat
2. Colorful plastic spoons (babies love colors, this'll attract her attention to food)
3. Or you could sit your daughter on your lap, put her food on your own plate, and try a bit of it yourself; she'll want to imitate you!
When your baby has had enough to eat, she may refuse extra bites (turn away from the spoon, lean backward, or refuse to open her mouth) Don't force it. As long as your baby's growing adequately, you can rest assured that she is getting enough nutrients. And remember that you should consult her pediatrician about supplements like iron if she's exclusively breastfed & still is not receiving enough iron-fortified cereals.