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30 years
Everything was normal except my triglyceride 250 and very slightly elivated liver enzymes. what can it be? Thanks
Jul 26, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
Hypertriglyceridemia may be described as an excess of triglycerides in the blood. Any extra calories in your diet can be changed into triglycerides.

The food that you consume in your diet is either used or stored. When you eat, the fat in your food is digested, and triglycerides are released into your bloodstream. This will give you energy to perform activities, or just to perform any vital functions. The rest will be stored as fat.

Although triglyceride levels vary with age, a "normal" level is considered less than 150 mg/dL. Normal values may vary from laboratory to laboratory.

first to note that you have only a slight excess of triglyceride which can be get rid of through losing weight ,every 1 cm less in your waist circumference will make a big difference in your triglyceride levels,follow a fat free diet and limit sugar intake too ,exercise more stop smoking which interfere with the digestion process ,stop alcohol it elevate triglyceride beside liver enzymes eat lots of fibers(Apples, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruits ,eggplants ,oats ,beans,are rich in fiber ) all this will decrease your triglyceride levels
your liver produces triglyceride ,you might have slight increase of liver enzymes due to certain medications check your medicines and their side effects ,junk food will increase both triglyceride and liver enzymes ,certain medical conditions might elevate both triglyceride and liver enzymes such as fatty liver ,diabetes,overindulging eating .
if the levels of the liver enzymes are only a bit difference then do not worry it may be due to any simple cause beside hypertriglyceride (cholesterol medicines elevate liver enzymes if you are taking some )
eat lean meat and chicken breast meaning all meat and chicken without fats ,eat fruits an vegetables ,Walnuts, almonds and other nuts can reduce blood cholesterol,olive oil is good it raises HDL the good cholesterol

try to follow a healthy plan to lower them so that you will not need medicines if triglyceride is not falling down and going up then you can check with a doctor for pills .
remember to increase your HDL level which protect from bad effects of bad cholesterol through eating fish or removing saturated fats from your diet or taking omega 3 supplements .