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54 years
Every morning when i wake up i have pain in my arms on the joints also pain in my leg muscles like I had a hard training
Jul 24, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
There are many causes that may cause pain in joints(arthritis)and pain in muscles (myositis )in the morning or after waking up.Since the pain came in the morning and after period of rest muscles and joint and relieved after physical activities during the day ,then the possible causes are then inflammatory and not a mechanical ,they may be due to an auto immune or inflammatory disease not an injury or trauma such pains will stay despite of treatments.
the possible main causes are ,sometimes non medical conditions may contribute to such problem .
possible medical problems :

Fibromyalgia :has various signs and symptoms such as all over pain in the muscles along with tender joints. People who have this condition often experience morning stiffness(stiff joints and muscles). This may have to do with tension in the muscles before going to bed.

Osteoarthritis - as with fibromyalgia people with arthritis can also experience morning stiffness. Normally with osteoarthritis the stiffness and pain tends to wear off within half an hour, but not always

Rheumatoid arthritis - as with the conditions above, rheumatoid arthritis can lead to morning stiffness and pain. The pain and stiffness doesn't wear off quickly, if at all.

However there are other non medical factors that may cause this :
-some medications may cause muscle pain such as cholesterol used medicines or others check your medicines.
-lack of exercise
-poor posture
-nonsupportive bed matress
-bad diet and lack of vitamins and lack of vitamin D ,low magnesium ,..
-sleep problems
-cold environment or AC directed towards one when sleep

so to know the exact cause check with a doctor and make a thorough out physical examination beside some tests