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34 years
Diabetes how can I as a dibatic person for 18 yrs now have a sexual strwngth and is there a big hope
Apr 25, 2014

Dr. Rania Mousa General Medicine
For men, as for women, the process of developing a sexual dysfunction may be slow and progressive. In men, impotence may come and go at times. It may begin with erections that are less firm than before, and then progress to those which are shorter duration and less firm.

The man will continue to have interest in sex and be able to have orgasms. It is thought that this process occurs in about half of all diabetic men and is caused by diabetic neuropathy.
Experts report that it can be slowed down and treated, but that actual tissue damage can not be reversed. It is therefore very important to report symptoms early as apposed to later in the process to get the most effective treatment.
As important is to monitor food intake and exercise. Controlling weight and diabetes will enhance self esteem and body image. Also, knowing that as we age we may need more time for arousal, it is important to share your needs with your partner, and if necessary, to ask for help from the appropriate professional.
talk with your doctor for these issues and focus on controlling your blood sugar this is the key of success