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27 years
Dear Drs, I am a 27 Years Old Man with high blood pressure, creatinine in the urine which im taking Cozaar 100mg for as per doctor's orders., I'm taking flaxeed oil(3 per day), With no improvements
Aug 13, 2013

Dr. Bassem Tanios Nephrology
I'm not sure what is meant by creatinine in the urine, but if you mean protein in the urine, then your doctor is probably trying to decrease its amount by giving you a pill (cozaar) to control your blood pressure, which will decrease the amount of protein in the urine and protect your kidneys, flaxeed oil or fish oil has been used as an additional treatment to decrease protein in the urine, especially in cases of a disease affecting the kidneys called IgA nephropathy, this is usually diagnosed by doing a kidney biopsy ( whereas a small needle is inserted into the kidney and retrieving a small amount of kidney tissue for examination under the microscope).
Many information are missing in order to answer your question correctly, but if there is no kidney disease and the protein in the urine is secondary to your high blood pressure, then controlling your blood pressure to a target of less than 130/80 is essential to decrease the amount of proteinuria and protect your kidneys in the long term. additional drugs to decrease your blood pressure to target might be necessary.
I suggest you follow up closely with your physician, and if not done, the reason for your protein in the urine and your high blood pressure at your age, needs to be investigated properly, and a kidney biopsy might be necessary, if not done, based on the amount of protein in the urine, presence or not of abnormal cells in the analysis of your urine, and if there is any evidence or not of kidney impairment ( that will cause your creatinine in your blood test to go up).
if your blood pressure is maintained at target, you will be fine as long as you follow up closely with your physician to make sure this is the case.