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Can the newly grown wisdom teeth cause bleeding in your gum around other teeth?
Feb 18, 2013

Dr. Faysal Succaria Dentistry
Many conditions can cause bleeding gums, most of the time it is related to plaque accumulation.

Two things that you can do that can improve it:
1. Brush the area more thoroughly
2. Rinse with sal water or mouthwash

Try that for a week.

If the bleeding persists you have to go in and see the dentist..

Good luck

Dr. F
Dr. Rita Mouawie Dentistry
growing teeth in general can cause a gingivitis (mild inflammation of the gum) that could cause bleeding from the gum especially during teeth brushing.
don't feel alarmed. you need to take care of your gum by using a soft tooth brush and rinsing with warm salt water.
however you need to check your dentist in order to see if that wisdom tooth needs to be removed or kept.